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    Myau of Algol

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    Hi and welcome to Myau of Algol's SMS world. Here I'll put up a hell of a load of crap about the Master System and it's games that have took an involvement in some point of my life. Of course, if I just wrote "I like this" or "I like that" it'll be boring, and as there might be some people who'd have NO idea what the hell I'm ranting about. There's gonna be reviews and goodies, as well as the ROMs for the games in question so that all can enjoy. The Sega Master System was an 8 - bit machine that took role in entertaining people in 1986. Everything was still preety retro then. (e.g. Fantasy Zone) and new ideas were being experimented. With real life - related games being impossible at the time, 8 - bit programmers had to reach people into the depths of their imagination. Of course, those ideas are long gone as new 128 - bit systems are soon to be released onto the awaiting public with new ideas that can still be related to the father games that started game genres in the first place.

    Well, I hope you like my tribute site and please sign my guest book! Otherwise I'll spend all summer in a sulk thinking everyone hates me. This site is still under construction and many pages haven't been created yet. Bear that in mind while navigating. (Games available are: all Fantasy Zones, Bubble Bobble, Alex Kidd in High Teche World and games collection. No GG games yet.) Oh, and don't forget to try out any of the games that you haven't yet ! (And the name Myau comes from Phantasy Star, if no one knew.)

     - Myau of Algol: Cyber Cat

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